Debbie Anthony delivers a rare combination of experience and emotion, with a voice that will satisfy and surprise true lovers of country music.
— Bob Doerschuk, editor of CMA Close Up Magazine

Debbie Anthony was born to make music. Raised in Minnesota, trained as a voice major at North Central University in Minneapolis, she drew inspiration from sources as varied as classic arias and Karen Carpenter. But after hearing Shania Twain, she knew that country music was her destiny. With her children grown, Debbie now steps into the spotlight with More To Be Said. This collection of classically crafted songs and strikingly distinctive vocals proves that her time has come — and, more than that, assures her a place among today’s outstanding country artists.

‘More To Be Said’ By Debbie Anthony Out Now!

Adult-contemporary country singer, and Minnesota-native Debbie Anthony has released her sophomore album, More To Be Said. Produced by fast-rising studio ace Gena Johnson (Ben Folds, Dave Cobb: Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves, John Prine), who also provides backing vocals on many of the tracks, More To Be Said is available at Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and via her YouTube channel.

Lucky 13 with Debbie Anthony

’Without music, I would be … without a voice! Music is … a gift from above. My music makes me feel … connected to those outside of my “little world.” I write the songs because … I’m not a songwriter, but I choose songs that come from the heart. Support music because … of the connection it brings between musicians and their audiences."‘

Exclusive Premiere: Debbie Anthony’s “Make Me Stay”

“A strong sense of self-worth. An attitude that can take on any challenge. A wisdom and peace that stems only from time, experience, and heartache. These are the attributes Minnesota native Debbie Anthony brings to the country music world, both as a solid vocalist and an infectious spirit one can’t help but take delight in. And in an industry all too often full of dubbed vocals, overproduced tracks, and bubble gum lyrics, it’s a welcome change.”

Debbie Anthony Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

“I started my music career later in life than most…and as a result, my music is a reflection of all that life can throw at a person: losing a spouse, loving again, raising children, having a different career, maturing, learning, and gaining confidence…all that prepared me for working hard and performing with absolute confidence on stage as an artist. My music is who am: soulful and heartfelt: country blended with some rock and gospel!”

Debbie Anthony knows there’s ‘More To Be Said'

”I would be sent probably 20 songs before I found one that I thought was really good. I would give those to my producer and say, “Any of these songs, are they possibilities?” Before long, it became evident that I was looking for songs about my life. The ones that really hit me, besides the quality, sometimes would be beyond that. They’d be about the journey of my life.”

Debbie Anthony Releases New Album

’”…before we recorded each song, we would listen to it as a group. Then, I would give a back story or reason why I chose the song; I wanted to help them get a sense of who I was, and the spirit and message behind each song. I loved that they came up with ideas to make the songs even better.”